Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate

Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate is a brand built on the heritage and prestige of its golf club and world-class amenities. The business has delivered on its promise of quality, luxurious greenery, exclusivity, and unmatched service for years. 

Today, Sta. Elena continues to provide clientele with a soulful sanctuary that welcomes work, play, and relaxation in an unbeatable natural setting where connecting with nature and people thrive, and where exceptional living happens.

Our Promise


We create elegant, down-to-earth spaces and environments where people can connect and find meaning and purpose in nature, allowing one to live their best life.

Our History


Founded in 1988 by Bienvenido "Rico" Tantoco Jr., Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate was envisioned as an elegant country escape, just minutes away from the bustling city. Today, it has truly come to fruition as a prestigious golf club, luxurious residential community, and burgeoning lifestyle and tourism hub, nestled in the idyllic Sta. Rosa, Laguna.