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Sierra Madre

banahaw circle

This 13-hectare "island village" is
completely surrounded by the Banahaw
fairways of the golf course. With only 107
lots ranging from 600 to 1,000 square
meters, residents drive through a scenic
500-meter road that cuts across the golf
course and ends at a stone bridge that
serves as the entrance to the village.

banahaw circle amenities

Banahaw Clubhouse

This village clubhouse is set in an exotic
garden surrounded by pools. There is a
4-storey tower from where one could
rise above the entire Banahaw enclave.

Banahaw Children's Playground

Laid with a plaint rubbery surface for
safety, this playground is designed to
teach kids play Filipino games such as
piko, tumbang preso, patintero and agawan

All Banahaw Circle amenties are exclusive to the residents of village. For further inquiries
please contact us today.